The revolution in prefabrication.

There are no limits to the processing of plates with a thickness of up to 4cm.


Prefabrication, interior construction

- All gypsum plaster boards
- Plaster boards, moulding plates
- Gypsum fibre boards
- Perforated sheets
- Aqua panels
- Calcium silicate plates
- Heraklith celling system, etc.

Timber construction & carpentry

- Wood composite boards
- Wood fibre boards
- Multilayer boards
- White fibre boards
- Medium density fibre boards
- Oriented strand board
- Heraklith

Formwork carpentiers

- Formwork carpentiers
- Formwork boards
- Multilayer boards
- Massive boards
- Polystyrene boards

Aluminium and facade construction

- Aluminium boards
- Aluminium composite boards
- Eternit boards
- Plastic composite boards
- Other facade boards

Plastics processing companies

- Plexiglass
- Polystyrene
- Styrofoam
- Polyurethane foam boards
- Gypsum plaster and gypsum fibre boards
- Carbon fibre boards


- Insulating boards
- Insulating material of any kind

Fire protection

- Fireboard
- Thermax boards
- Fermacell boards
- Fire protection boards of any kind

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