MAGAform M-Series

Mobility means flexibility! The cutting table can be easily folded flat and stored in a transporter. This allows larger projects to be handled directly on site, saving time and costs.



Highest precision and cleanliness.

Precision when processing panel material has been hitherto almost impossible. The 3 main accessories of MAGAform 3000 offer the highest precision and cleanliness for all processing requirements.


Only available with MAGAform

The special tool set is protected and practically integrated in the head. All tools are high-quality products that are only available with MAGAform 3000.


Dust-free production

Cleanliness has the highest priority when processing materials such as plasterboard panels that produce a lot of dust. The “suction unit” of MAGAform 3000 ensures the clean and dust-free production of the highest standards.


Specially developed

The processing possibilities of MAGAform 3000 make it an incredibly versatile machine. Specially developed extensions offer further application possibilities in addition.

The advantages at a glance


up to 75% time savings

More precise

Precision becomes a standard feature


Through patented suction system


Cost-effective and immediate production everywhere